Hookup Manuals

This is the download page for instructions on how to connect your Zazeen devices.

All you have to do is check which Zazeen services you subscribe to, click on the "Download" button and you will automatically download easy-to-follow instructions on how to hook up your Zazeen equipment and start using our services immediately.

Please do not check any of the "Internet" boxes if you have Internet with another Internet Service Provider. Only check them if you have Zazeen Internet.

I have the following Zazeen services:

If you are curious about using your home's existing electrical wiring to connect your network devices (example: if your TV and router are in different rooms), you can download the Power-Line Connector (PLC) manual and see how easy it is.

If you wish to change the wireless network name or password on your Zazeen DSL modem, you can download the WiFi password change instructions. This is for DSL service only, not for Cable Internet.