IPTV & Digital HDTV Services - Zazeen

  • Billing

  • I placed an online order, what happens now?

    When an online order is completed, a confirmation number is given once the order is completed. Once your order has been received and processed you will be emailed a welcome letter detailing your new account information. For assistance placing an order, please call 1-877-814-0280 from 9:00am to 5:00pm or send an email to sales@zazeen.com.

  • How will I be charged for the order?

    On the order form, you will be asked to input credit card information and you will be charged for the order on the card number provided. Your account is charged monthly on the same date.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    The following are the accepted methods of payment:

    • 1. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
    • 2. Visa-Debit
    • 3. Prepaid Bank issued Credit Cards
  • Will I be provided with monthly invoices?

    Your invoice is emailed to you on the date of renewal once it has been charged. To view your invoices online please log into the client portal located at https://client.zazeen.com/, using the user name and password provided to you in your welcome letter.

  • What is the policy on late or missed payments?

    Zazeen is a pre-pay reoccurring service that bills for its services in advance. The Customer shall pay all applicable fees, charges, applicable usage, dependent charges and taxes relating to the service. Zazeen requires and accepts pre authorized credit card payment and visa debit for services. Payments are due every month on the renewal date specified on the invoice.

    In the event of a payment default, any outstanding amount becomes immediately payable and due. You have 4 days after a failed invoice before the account is suspended for nonpayment. Failure to receive payment after the 10th day of renewal will result in the account being terminated for nonpayment. Note that there is a $2.95 fee for late payments.

    For accounts where internet service is provided a $75 fee will be charged for the reactivation of a terminated account due to non-payment. For services provided by Zazeen where internet is not provided, a $25 fee will be charged for the reactivation of a terminated account.

  • How can I update my payment information?

    To make changes to your account such as updating your payment information, please log into the client portal located at https://client.zazeen.com/ using the username and password sent to you in your welcome letter.

  • I have added an a la carte channel or package to my account. How will I be charged for it?

    If the a la carte channel or package is added on your account renewal date, you will be billed for the full month. If it is added after your renewal date, you will be charged a prorated amount from the date the a la carte was added until your next renewal date.

    Please note the above does not apply to the WWE a la carte channel that, due to special event broadcasts, is billed in full from the date added.

  • How are the a la carte channels and packages cancelled?

    In order to cancel your a la carte channels and packages, you can either go to the customer login page at https://client.zazeen.com/ and enter your username and password. When you cancel your a la carte channels, you will have them until your next due date then they will automatically be removed.

  • What is the process for moving my services to a new address?

    For standalone TV subscriptions, we require the new address so that your account can be updated. If you have an Internet connection with Zazeen TV, we will need to check if we have service available at the new address. We also ask that you provide a minimum of 2 weeks' notice, which will allow us time to set up an install appointment. Please note there is a moving fee of $49.95 plus tax associated with the moving of Internet service plans.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    In the case of a cancellation request please be advised that Zazeen is a pre pay service and cancellations requested during a term will only take effect at terms end. All cancellation requests must be made prior to the next renewal date. . Please also be advised that any rental equipment must be returned to Zazeen within 30 days of termination in order not to incur charges in regards to any outstanding equipment. Zazeen does not provide prorated refunds.

    The Customer is responsible return any Zazeen TV owned equipment within 30 days or be charged for it. Any refund that is owed to the customer will be refunded to the credit card on file upon return of the equipment to our head office. The address of our head office is 1650 Dundas Street East, Unit 201, Mississauga, Ontario, L4X 2Z3. We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

  • If I cancel my cable Internet service can I use my modem with a new ISP?

    If you have purchased the cable modem, you are welcome to use it with your new Internet service provider. Please note it can take up to 2 weeks from the date of cancellation for the network provider to release the cable modem. This process will need to complete before your modem can be used with your new ISP.

  • Can I use my own modem for the Internet service?

    Yes, however we do not recommend it as you run the risk that we may not be able to do proper tech support if required. If you would like to use your own modem you can however you will need to make sure you have the correct modem for the plan you are ordering and the third party carrier area you live in. As follows:

    • 1.ADSL modems will work with our 6 or 15Mbps download and 1Mbps upload services.
    • 2.VDSL modems will work with our 6, 15Mbps, 25Mbps and 50Mbps services.
    • 3.If you are in a Rogers area you will need a HuaWei modem, for Videotron you will need a Thompson DCM 475 and for Cogeco you will need a Thompson DCM 476.
  • Is there an upgrade or downgrade fee if I want to change my Internet service plan?

    That depends on which service you have. If you are on one of our 6Mbps plans, you will need to pay an upgrade fee to change plans.

    If you have an ADSL plan and want to upgrade to a VDSL plan you will pay and upgrade fee. If you have a VDSL plan and want to downgrade to an ADSL plan you will pay a downgrade fee.

    If you have Cable Internet service and want to switch to DSL or vice versa, you will pay an upgrade or downgrade fee.

    The upgrade and downgrade fee is $49.95 + taxes.

  • How much would I pay for my Skinny Basic plan after the 12-month prepaid promo?

    Once your prepaid promotion is over you will be charged the standard regular rate per month that is being charged at that time.

  • Is there a cancelation fee if I can cancel my Skinny Basic Plan?

    The Skinny Basic Prepaid Promotion comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Therefore, if you cancel within the first 30 days you will be refunded everything except the $9.95 non refundable shipping fee.

    Once the equipment has been returned to our office at 1650 Dundas Street East, Unit 201, Mississauga, Ontario L4X 2Z3 we will credit your refund on the credit card we have on your account.

    There is no 30-day money back guarantee on the monthly plan, however, there is no cancellation fee. You will have service up to and including the day before your next due date.

  • Who pays the shipping to return my equipment?

    It is the customer's responsibility to pay the shipping to return the equipment when they cancel service.

  • Equipment

  • How many set top boxes do I need?

    You will need one set top box per television in your home that you want to watch live ZazeenTV on.

  • How do I know which type of set top box I should use?

    For our television bundles and standalone television service we rent or sell our Entone set top box to our customers.

    For our Skinny Basic plan, we sell or rent one WNC set top box to our customers. If they require another set top box, they can either rent or purchase the Entone or the WNC.

  • What is the difference between all of the set top boxes Zazeen TV has?

    The difference between our set top boxes is as follows:

    • 1. Entone 500: Comes with a programmable remote control that you can program your television remote into. It has a pause and play function as well so you can pause your shows. (You will need an external hard drive with a 2.0 USB connection for this function to work.) You can only use a PLC adapter in order to hard wire your set top box to the modem or router if it is not close.
    • 2. Entone 450: Is exactly the same device as the Entone 500 except that it can be hardwired using either a PLC adapter or a MoCA adapter for televisions that are not close to the modem or router.
    • 3. WNC: Comes with a programmable remote (note that some of the old remotes might not be programmable). Customers on the Skinny Basic plan needs to have at least one WNC since these set top box sets the IP address and give security to customer's service.
  • Can I use my own set top box device for your television service?

    That depends. You will need to a have a set top box from us or purchased from someone that had our service before. The set top box needs to be configured for our service by us in order for it to work.

    If you decide to buy from an old customer, Zazeen TV does not guarantee the compatibility or the functionality of the unit. Even if the customer says there is warranty left, we do not honor it since has exchanged hands and therefore cannot guarantee it.

  • How do I know if I need adapters for my set top boxes or not?

    Are your televisions close to the modem or router? If so, all you need in order to connect is a Network (Ethernet) cable.

    If not, do you have Ethernet ports in each room that has a television? If so, you can connect the set top box into the port using a Network (Ethernet) cable.

    If you do not have Ethernet ports, do you have glass fuses or switches in your electrical panel?

    If you have glass fuses you will need to go to your local computer store to purchase a Wi-Fi repeater or extender. Normally they may come in a package of 3 with 1 repeater and 2 receivers. You will need 1 receiver per television that is not close to the modem or router. We do not guarantee how these are sold; please speak to the clerk at your local store for details of what they have.

    If you have switches in your electrical panel, you will require PLC (Powerline connection adapters). You will need one to plug in the electrical socket close to your modem or router and one for each television that is not close. PLC adapters will turn your home into a Wi-Fi hub. You can purchase them from us for $49.50 each.

  • What do I do if my set top box is asking for an activation code or IP address?

    Both the activation code and the IP address are contained in the confirmation email and within the information sent with the set top box when you signed up. For the activation code simply enter your client code. It is the same. The IP address it is

    If you do not have your confirmation email or information that was sent, please email us at billing@zazeen.com one of our friendly Customer Service Agents will be happy to assist you.

  • If I purchase any equipment from Zazeen TV is there a warranty?

    Yes! You will have a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

  • How do I return a defective Set Top Box device that I purchased from Zazeen TV?

    Please use our contact page and one of our representatives will be in touch with you.

  • How do you set up Parental Controls?
    • Step 1. Select the Menu button on the remote.
    • Step 2. Choose settings. (Enter Provided Password)
    • Step 3. Use the Arrow keys to scroll down to the Channel Blocking option.
    • Step 4. Scroll through the list of Channels and select the desired Channel to be blocked.
    • Step 5. Once the channels have been selected, choose the Update option on the screen.
    • Step 6. Use the arrow keys once again and enable the Parental Control option near the bottom.
    • Step 7. When finished select and enter the Submit option.
  • Do I need to have a WNC Set Top Box if I plan to use my own Android box or Smart devices for the Skinny plan?

    Yes. The WNC set top box is required for everyone who signs up for the Skinny Basic Plan. The WNC set top box assigns the IP address and talks to our server to give you the service. It also gives added security to your service so no one can log in outside of your home and steal you service. This is very important for you as the consumer since you pay per stream you watch at a time.

  • If I do not have Ethernet ports, can I use glass fuses or switches in my electrical panel?

    If you have glass fuses you will need to go to your local computer store to purchase a Wi-Fi repeater or extender. Normally they may come in a package of 3 with 1 repeater and 2 receivers. You will need 1 receiver per television that is not close to the modem or router. We do not guarantee how these are sold; please speak to the clerk at your local store for details of what they have.

    If you have switches in your electrical panel, you will require PLC (Powerline connection adapters). You will need one to plug in the electrical socket close to your modem or router and one for each television that is not close. PLC adapters will turn your home into a Wi-Fi hub. They can be purchased for $49.95 per pair.

  • Internet

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade the speed of my Internet connection?

    Yes. Please e-mail billing@zazeen.com and one of our Billing Department representatives will be able to verify speed availability and guide you through the process. If you are changing from ADSL to VDSL or from VDSL to ADSL, there will also be a $49.95 line change fee. There are no fees for switching between VDSL 25/10 and VDSL 50/10 or for switching between various ADSL plans. In addition, there are no line change fees for upgrading or downgrading your Cable Internet speed.

  • What is the difference between ADSL and VDSL Internet?

    VDSL is a newer technology, allowing us to serve you with faster upload and download speeds. It also gives us more flexibility to adjust your signal for maximum stability. All of our 25Mbps and 50Mbps plans are VDSL and we try to offer it for 15Mbps plans where available. The upload speeds range between 2.5Mbps and 10Mbps depending on Bell equipment deployed in your area and your distance from it.

    ADSL is older technology and more susceptible to noise and signal quality issues. Upload speeds range from 0.1Mbps to 1.0Mbps, while the download speeds range from 0.1Mbps to 15Mbps

  • How long does it take a modem to be released if switching to a different Cable Internet provider?

    Whenever cable service is cancelled, the carrier typically takes one to two weeks to release the modem. Please note the process is dependent on the cable carriers.

  • How do I set up my cable modem?

    Unpack it from the box and screw the end of the coaxial cable into it. Many households just have a coaxial cable going directly through the wall. If you have wall jacks for your cable service, you will need to purchase an RG-6 rated cable. One end plugs into your modem, the other end plugs into the wall jack.

    Connect the cable modem to your computer or the WAN (Internet) port of your wireless router with an Ethernet (network) cable that is included in the package. If using a wireless router, usually the only change you need to make is to make the Connection Type "DHCP". If you do not know how to do that, please consult the router manual or the manufacturer's technical support

    Plug the power cord into the back of your modem and plug it into an electrical outlet.

    Your Internet connection will start working once the cable carrier technician comes to your home, hooks up your line, and provisions your modem.

  • How do I reset my cable modem to factory defaults?

    - Locate the small reset button in the back of the modem. It is recessed and you need to push it with a pen or a straightened paper clip

    - Push and hold the button for 11 seconds if you are using a Thompson-Technicolor modem or 30 seconds if you are using a Huawei modem

    - The modem should reboot in 2 minutes

  • Why is the Internet light on my DSL modem red?

    If your account is in good standing, the red Internet light most often means that the settings on your modem got lost so it cannot log into our service. You will need to perform a factory reset of the modem and then configure it with the correct username and password. Instructions for both procedures, plus setting up your wireless are posted in this FAQ

  • How do I perform a factory reset and set up my SmartRG SR505 modem to connect to the Internet?

    1) Open your web browser and go to

    2) Click on "Manage gateway (advanced)"

    3) A login window will pop up and you will enter username "admin " and password " admin" (yes they are the same, all lower-case letters and no quotation marks) and press ENTER

    4) Click on "Advanced Setup"

    5) Select "WAN Service" and click on the "Edit" button next to ppp0.1

    6) Enter your Zazeen username and password, scroll all the way down and click on "Next", "Next", "Next" and "Apply/Save"

  • How do I configure wireless networking (Wi-Fi) on my SmartRG SR505 modem?

    1) Open your web browser and go to

    2) Click on "Manage gateway (advanced)"

    3) A login window will pop up and you will enter username "admin" and password "admin" and press ENTER

    4) Click on "Advanced Setup" and then "Wireless". Make sure there is a check-mark next to "Enable Wireless". If you wish to change your wireless network name (SSID), you can change it on this screen before scrolling to the bottom and clicking on Apply/Save.

    5) Click on "Security" and make sure "Network Authentication" is either "Mixed WPA2/WPA -PSK" or "WPA2 -PSK".

  • I have DSL Internet and my speeds are slow. How do I test them?

    - Disable the wireless connection on your personal computer and connect it to your modem with an Ethernet (network) cable. Unplug all other network cables from the modem.


    - Open your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi...)

    - Enter into the address bar and press ENTER

    - Click on Manage Gateway and when prompted for username/password, the username is admin and the password is also admin

    - Click on Wireless

    - Uncheck "Enable Wireless" and click on Apply/Save button (after you are done testing, just go back to this page, check the "Enable Wireless box and click on Apply/Save)

    - Open a new browser tab

    - Disconnect all other devices connected to your modem with cables (your modem should only have a power cord, phone cord and a single Ethernet cable going into it, from your computer)

    - Go to www.speedtest.net and click on Begin Test. Once the results come up, please note the upload speed, and download speed

    - Click on Test Again, note the results

    - Click on Test Again; note the results one more time

    - If your speed tests are significantly below the advertised speeds for your plan, please note down the results and contact our Tech Support

  • I have cable Internet and my speeds are slow. How do I test them?

    - Disconnect your modem from the router

    - Unplug your modem from power, wait for 2 minutes and plug the modem back in

    - Disable the wireless connection on your personal computer

    - Connect your PC to your modem with an Ethernet (network) cable and make sure your wired (Local Area) network connection is set to obtain IP address and DNS automatically

    - Open your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi...)

    - Enter www.speedtest.net into the address bar and press ENTER

    - Once the page loads, click on the green Begin Test button

    - Once the results come up, please note the upload speed, and download speed

    - Click on Test Again, note the results

    - Click on Test Again; note the results one more time

    - If your tested speeds are significantly below the advertised speeds for your Internet plan, please save all three speed test results and contact Tech Support

    - Once you are done, unplug your modem from power, wait 2 minutes, plug it back in and connect your router to it

  • I got a new, supported, cable modem and would like to use it on your service. What do I do?

    - Please note down the:

    Modem make:

    Modem model:

    Modem serial number (s/n):

    MAC address:

    - With that information please e-mail support@zazeen.com and one of our technical support specialists will be happy to assist you. Please note that the process can take up to three business days, as it is dependent on your local cable carrier.

  • I want to connect my cable modem to a new device; how do I do it?

    - After your cable modem powers up, it will only communicate with the computer or router it originally connected to. If you want to disconnect your wireless router so you can test a direct connection with a computer or if you wish to use a different router, you will need to follow these steps:

    - Unplug the modem from power and wait for 60 seconds

    - Disconnect the original device from the modem and connect the new device to the modem

    - Plug the modem back into power and the new device should start working with it

  • What is the difference between cable and DSL Internet?

    DSL Internet goes via your local telephone lines. Usually, it offers a better value for our clients, we include modems with wireless connectivity, and the connection latency is a lot lower, which is great for anyone doing online gaming in your household.

    Cable Internet is delivered over your cable coaxial lines. It is more reliable in general mostly because it is not as susceptible to phone wiring issues inside your home/building.

  • What speeds do you recommend for your Internet service?

    - Please note that speeds are shared between all the devices in your household. So if you get a 25Mbps connection, every desktop computer, laptop computer, home theatre PC, cell phone, tablet, gaming console etc. etc., will be using up some of those 25Mbps as they share the Internet connection. Please note that a single stream of our TV service takes up about 5Mbps, two set top boxes running at the same time will use 10Mbps, Netflix in high definition will also use 5Mbps, and Netflix in 4K will use about 20Mbps. Here are some recommended usage scenarios for various speeds:

    - DSL6 - One or two users, e-mail, very light browsing, no streaming, and no gaming. You can use VoIP telephony but your call quality may suffer if you are doing any data-intensive online activities (like watching a YouTube video).

    - DSL15 - Two to three users. Can use a single set top box, VoIP will usually not be an issue and still leave some room for a bit of light browsing, software updates, etc. With your TV on and two people watching YouTube videos, you can already max out your Internet connection.

    - DSL25/CABLE30 - This connection is a little more robust and can serve a family of four. You can have two set top boxes playing and most likely will not have to worry about someone playing a YouTube video or watching Netflix on their tablet.

    - DSL50/CABLE60 - This level of service would be more comfortable for larger households and heavier users. You can easily have three set top boxes running, while a couple more people are streaming Netflix/YouTube content and still have enough room in your bandwidth left in case one or two computers decide to start running updates.

  • Is Zazeen Unlimited Internet really unlimited?

    Yes. You can upload, download, stream and game to your heart's content. Your usage of our TV service will not affect your rate.

  • Should I choose a 400GB plan or an Unlimited plan?

    - This is highly dependent on your household's general usage. You may want to talk to everyone in your household and take a survey of their usage patterns. Here are some general guidelines:

    - TV/Netflix streaming in 720P-1080P is typically 3-5GB per hour per device (so if you have two TV's streaming hi-def. channels, they will be in the 10GB/hour usage ballpark)

    - Online gaming is similar to that

    - Streaming 4K video can get you into the 25GB per hour range

    - Ask if anyone uses a "torrent client". Torrenting is a method for sharing files between many users over the Internet that can really drive up your monthly usage

    - Everything else should add up to less than 50GB per month

  • What are the warranties on your equipment?

    - All of the equipment that we sell is guaranteed to work for up to a year from the purchase date. We will replace defective rented equipment for as long as you are renting it at no charge to you.

  • My Internet is not working, what do I do?

    What fixes 90% of these issues is unplugging your modem and/or router from the power outlet, waiting 60 seconds, plugging in the modem, waiting for the lights to go back to normal (typically 2-5 minutes) and (only if you have a separate wireless router) plugging the router back into power.

    If that does not work and the Internet light on your DSL modem is red, you may need to reset and reconfigure it. The instructions are in this FAQ.

    If you can use your Internet over a wired connection but not wireless, you may need to reconfigure your modem's wireless settings as per the instructions in this FAQ.

    If none of that works, please contact our Tech Support department

  • How long does it take a DSL line to be activated?

    It depends on the carrier, but usually it is 5-7 business days

  • How long does it take a Cable line to be activated?

    It depends on the carrier, but usually it is 5-10 business days

  • Is your Internet service available in my area?

    You can easily verify by going to www.zazeen.com, hovering your cursor over "Internet" and selecting your province. At the top of the page, you will have a field where you enter your address and click on the Check Availability button

  • The Cable installer just left. What do I do?

    - Make sure the coaxial cable coming out of the wall or the wall jack is firmly inserted into and screwed down onto your modem

    - Plug the modem into the power outlet and connect it to your router or your computer if you are not using a router with an Ethernet (network) cable

    - That should already get you up and running, but it may take until the next day for the final provisioning of your Internet service

    - If you tested your connection with the computer but wish to use a wireless router, please remember to unplug the modem from power, connect it to the router and plug it back into power or your Internet will not work.

  • What is involved in a cable service install?

    - This is a $49.95 service. Typically, it is scheduled a little over a week from the date you requested it.

    - On the day of the install, the cable technician will call before coming over. Please ensure that you are available the day of install to receive the call. Please note if the technician cannot reach you the install will be canceled and you are responsible to contact us to reschedule appointment.

    - Note that there must be someone over the age of 18 on the premises on the date of install

    - The technician will adjust the cable box located on the outside of your home or in your building's telecom room. Then they will come into your home and show you where to plug in your cable modem. They may run a new line into your home, but that is at their discretion.

    - At that point, your service will most likely be up and running and all you will need to do is connect the coaxial cable to your modem, connect it to the PC or the router with an Ethernet (network) cable and plug it into power. However, your service may take until the following day to get up and running.

  • What is involved in a DSL service install?

    - This is a $49.95 service. Typically, it is scheduled exactly a week after you request the install. That is dependent on the carrier and out of our hands.

    - On the date of the install, please make sure that there is an adult on premises and that you are picking up your phone.

    - The phone carrier technician will make sure the telephone demarcation point on the outside of your home or in your building's mechanical room has DSL signal. If you ordered DSL6, the carrier technician may even leave without entering your home but please make sure you are available to let them in should they need access to it.

    - For FTTN plans (anything faster than DSL6, including DSL15, DSL25 and DSL50), the carrier technician will also make sure at least one jack in your home has good DSL signal

    - At that point you can plug your modem into the power outlet and into the phone jack. Once it has DSL signal, if you have a modem-router combination device, it should also connect to the Internet, and the Internet light should go green. If it turns red and stays red after 5 minutes, you may need to reconfigure your modem as per the instructions linked in this FAQ.

    - If you have a bridged modem and are using a separate wireless router, please make sure your router's Internet/WAN connection type is "PPPoE" and that the PPPoE credentials (username and password) e-mailed to you are correctly entered into the router's web configuration

  • Which modems are supported for your service should I decide to use one I already own?

    - For our ADSL plans (DSL6 and some DSL15 clients), you can use any ADSL2 compatible modem. For our VDSL plans (DSL25, DSL50 and some DSL15 clients), you will need a VDSL-compatible modem. Please make sure to set VPI to zero, VCI to 35 and enter your PPPoE credentials correctly.

    - For our Cable clients in Rogers-served territories, we only accept Huawei MT130U, Thomson DCM475 and Thomson DCM476

    - For our Cable clients in Cogeco-served territories, please use the Thomson DCM476

    - For Quebec The Cable modem is the Thomson DCM 475

  • Are your advertised Internet speeds guaranteed?

    No. Your Internet speed is dependent on many factors, such as time of day, usage in your home, your home equipment, congestion in your neighborhood... Too many of those factors are out of our control. With that being said, if there, is only one device connected to your modem with a cable, no wireless devices are connected, and your speeds are significantly lower than the advertised speeds, please contact our tech support for assistance.

  • What is a dry loop and why do I have to pay for it?

    If you have DSL Internet service, an active telephone line is required for it to work. A dry loop, costing only $8, is a telephone line without voice service, which makes it a lot cheaper than your regular telephone line. We require dry loops for all our clients, even those who already have a normal telephone line from a provider like Bell and Primus. We do this in order to increase the reliability of your service, because sometimes, the voice service on your telephone line can cause DSL signal issues. We do not make any money off dry loop fees. As we are primarily a TV service provider, we aim for maximum quality and reliability of your Internet connection.

    That puts you in the $100 a month range for real good redundancy, which is a lot cheaper than thousands of dollars a month that you would be paying for business-class Internet with SLA's and uptime guarantees.

  • What are the time slots for DSL repair visits?

    When we schedule a carrier repair for a DSL line, you get to choose whether you want the DSL carrier technician to come in the morning (8AM-12:00PM), afternoon (12:00PM-5:00PM) or evening (5:00PM-9:00PM). You can choose the time slot for each day over the following 3 days, so if you order a repair on Monday, you can choose an evening availability for Tuesday, morning availability for Wednesday, and afternoon availability for Thursday. For weekends, we can only guarantee morning or afternoon availability. The technician usually shows up either the following day or the day after, but in very rare cases (less than 1%), they show up on the third day.

  • What are the time slots for Cable repair visits?

    - The time slots are





    You will be ask what time slot best fits your needs.

  • Do I have to be at home for a carrier repair?

    An adult (18 or older) has to be at home in case the carrier technician needs access to your premises. Also, please make sure you answer your phone every time it rings because a carrier technician or a person from the carrier's call centre may call you to verify your availability. They will close your repair ticket if they cannot verify your availability.

  • TV

  • Do you offer PVR function to your clients?

    Yes. All of our set top boxes com pre enabled for PVR. You have to plug in your USB 2.0-compatible portable USB drive and you can format it via the set top box' menu system. You can also purchase a drive from us by going to http://zazeen.com/iptv-equipment.html

  • How many shows can I record at the same time?

    Accounts are limited to three streams per set top box. Therefore, you can watch one while recording two or record three with the TV off. There are other limitations, such as your Internet bandwidth (a single recording is about 5Mbps, so recording 3 shows will translate to 15Mbps) and the set top box' processing power.

  • When disconnected from the Internet while recording a show, can I still watch the recording?

    You can watch the recording up until the time your set top box loses connectivity to the server.

  • How long can I keep my recorded shows?

    Recordings do not have a time limit. As long as you have an active account with us and there are no issues with your portable hard drive, the recordings will be available to you.

  • Can I record a program in advance?

    Yes. Just select it from your set top box' guide, hit the record button on your remote control and the program will be recorded.

  • Can I watch my recordings on another set top box?

    Yes, as long as the set top box is the same make you can connect the drive and view recordings.

  • How many recorded shows can I save?

    That really depends on the capacity of your hard drive and the type of programming you are watching. Your typical show, streamed in high definition takes up 1.2GB per hour on average. Sports in high definition and at 60FPS may get into the 2.5GB per hour range. A typical 1.0TB passport drive will store about 800 hours of regular shows in high definition and about 400 hours of sports. These numbers are approximate and not guaranteed, but they will give you an estimate for your planning purposes.

  • Can I watch my recordings on my personal computer?

    No. The set top boxes use proprietary hard drive formatting that is not readable by other computer systems.

  • What happens if my storage device runs out of space?

    Our set top boxes will keep recording up until they fill up the storage device and your recording will be watchable up until that point. That is when your recording will cut off and you will not be able to record any new content until you free up some space by deleting some of the pre-recorded shows.

  • How do I prepare (format) my portable hard drive to start using the PVR function?

    Plug it into the set top box' USB port, push the Menu button on your remote, go into Settings, enter your account password, go to Hardware Settings, scroll down to Hard Disk Info and select it, click on Format (typical 1TB drive takes about 15min to format) and it should be ready to record.

  • How would I record a show?

    There are several ways to go about it:

    1. If you are already watching the show, you can hit the REC button (red circle inside a white button) on your remote and it will record it until the end

    2. You can select the show in the Guide and hit the REC button that will open a recording menu and you can choose whether you wish to record just that particular program or the entire series (assuming the program in question is an episode of the series).

  • What is Video on Demand (VOD)?

    VOD allows users to select and watch movies or special events when they choose to, rather than having to watch at a specific time. We have a large selection included free titles (depending on your TV package) and we have pay per view (PPV) tiles including Adult content. Zazeen is working with content providers to add many more PPV titles in the near future.

  • How can I watch/order VOD?

    Some users may have a VOD button located directly on their remote control. If you do not have a VOD button please press Menu button on the remote, then highlight the "On Demand" tab with the left or right arrow buttons. Then press the OK button. A menu will appear with options at the top to choose from categories. Please highlight the category you wish to view then press OK. All the movies for that category will appear below. Use the directional arrows on the remote to highlight the movie and press OK if you wish to see or get more information on it. If you decide to view the movie, you will be able to rewind, fast forward and pause the movie at any point. Please note there are additional charges for some PPV movies or events. For paid content, you will have to enter your security PIN/Password that was provided to you (Zazeen welcome letter). If you require your PIN/Password please email info@zazeen.com provide your full name along with the last 4 digits of the credit card you have on file.

  • What is your Skinny Basic package?

    It is our most affordable TV service package. Some of the highlights:

    1. If you pre-pay for a year, it costs $14.95+HST per month

    2. Set Top Box rental is free if you prepay for a year (except for the one-time shipping fee of $9.95+HST). Additional set top boxes are $6.95+HST per month

    3. The channel lineup varies by the area, but generally includes a total of 25-30 general interest channels like CBC, CTV and Global, American channels like CBS, NBC, and Fox and federally mandated channels like CPAC and APTN.

    4. Skinny can be watched on other devices, such as your Windows computer's web browser, IPhone, IPad, Android phone, Android tablet. As long as the device has Verimatrix DRM certification (needs to be verified with the manufacturer), it should work with our service

    5. Skinny package includes watching our service on one screen at a time. If you wish to watch Skinny content on multiple devices at the same time, there will be a $5.95+HST per screen charge

    6. You need to be Subscribe to our Internet access service or that of one of our re-transmission agents.

  • What is your regular TV service - Beyond Basic - like?

    1) It includes over 90 channels that include some of the most popular US and Canadian networks like CTV, CBC, CITY TV, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and PBS, SportNet 360, RDS sport channels. Also included are specialty channels like CP24, YTV, Much Music, and E!

    2) It has to be ordered with one of our Internet packages due to CRTC requirements. You can also order it if you have Internet with one of our partners, including Distributel, Acanac an Xinflix

    3) The prices that include Internet service range from $100.95 for Beyond Basic with 15Mbps Internet service to $120.95 for Beyond Basic with 50Mbps Internet service

    4) All Zazeen Cable TV plans (except for the Skinny Basic) have a one-time $49.95 service Activation Fee, which is used to cover a portion of the costs of provisioning your Internet service

    5) All Zazeen Cable TV packages require STB (Set Top Box) and Modem for internet connection, Rental and purchase options available during checkout. Internet Modem rentals $6.95 per month. IPTV Set Top Box Rentals $7.95 per month

    6) In addition to the generous channel lineup, you can also order various add-ons, such as the TMN package, which includes TMN, Encore, and HBO. The Beyond Plus includes AMC, CNN, FX, and SportsNet 360. SportsNet and TSN packages for sports fans out there. Astral French (Canal D, Cinépop, Ztélé and more), plus a la carte channels like BeIn Sports, WWE, SportsNet One, Penthouse TV...

  • Do you offer channels in HD?

    Yes. Over 95% of our channels are in HD. Whenever we have the option; we always default to offering the HD version of the channel in question.

  • How many channels do you offer?

    We have over 170 available channels and are always looking to add more content.

  • How is Zazeen IPTV service delivered to my home?

    We provide our TV through a closed network. The service itself is non-nomadic and cannot be used outside of your home and should be on Zazeen internet network. It must be used with at a fixed address with a DSL, Cable, fixed (not mobile) wireless, or fiber Internet connection. You will only be able to watch television from your home Zazeen internet network with a connected Zazeen Inc. licensed Set-top-box. Zazeen's TV service can also be viewed from your PC/iOS device/Android device, however; a Zazeen licensed STB must be connected to your home internet network to do so. The use of the service outside of your home Zazeen network (different address as recorded on your account) will be detected by our system and trigger an automatic suspension of your account. If misuse is detected, the account will be terminated.

  • How do I add channels and theme packs?

    Go to www.zazeen.com, click on the Sign In link in the upper right of the web page, sign in using your Client Code and Password, click on Manage and that page will allow you to manage your Zazeen services and devices, including ordering channels and theme packs. Skinny Basic clients will need to e-mail billing@zazeen.com to order add-ons.

  • What are the minimum required speeds for your service?

    The lowest quality streams that we can offer are in the 2Mbps range, so as long as the tested speed is faster than that, your service should work. With that being said, anything else you do on the Internet may negatively affect your TV quality by cutting into that critical bandwidth, so we generally recommend 15Mbps for a single set top box and maximum two people, 25Mbps for two set top boxes and 2-3 people and 50Mbps for anything more than that.

  • Is your IPTV service watchable on other devices?

    Our Skinny Basic plan is available on all Verimatrix DRM certified devices, such as Windows/Mac PC's, most IPhone and IPad and Android phones and tablets. If the Skinny cannot be viewed on a portable device, you have to verify with the manufacturer whether their device is Veritmatrix DRM certified.

    Our other TV services are not available on anything other than our Entone or WNC set top boxes, but we are plan to add that functionality in the future

  • How soon will my ordered channels appear?

    If you placed your order via our online ordering system, after completing the order, all you need to do is unplug your set top box from power, wait a minute, plug it back in and they will come up.

  • My channels are missing. Why?

    -In most cases, you accidentally selected the guide selection to only show a portion of your channels. When you show the Guide, just above the date, it will either show SD, HD, All and Subscribed. Repeatedly press the Guide button until the Guide shows "Subscribed" (it will cycle through these options). Once you see Subscribed, you will be able to see all the channels to which you are currently subscribed.

  • Can I use both Zazeen and regular cable TV service?

    Yes. Zazeen is completely separate, so you can enjoy using our service and still have a regular cable/satellite TV subscription. All you need are unused HDMI ports on your TV to accommodate any other devices.

  • Where is Zazeen service available?

    We cover most of Ontario and Quebec. If you can get DSL or Cable Internet in your area, chances are that our services are available to you. If you are not 100% sure, you can always go through our ordering process. It includes service availability verification WELL before checkout. Even if it shows "unavailable", please verify by e-mailing sales@zazeen.com. Our on-line availability check tool is very conservative in order to ensure compliance with CRTC regulations, but our sales reps have access to more accurate data.

  • How do I use Zazeen service on my mobile device? (available for Skinny Basic and post- August 2016 Basic and Beyond Basic plans)

    -Connect your mobile device to your home network. Please note that our service is non-nomadic, so you have to be connected to your home Zazeen Internet connection and cannot do it via a mobile network or non Zazeen internet connection.

    -Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (please check with your Android device's manufacturer that your device is certified to use Verimatrix DRM)

    -Download and install the YourTV app by Minerva

    -Open the APP and enter the following:

    Server Address:

    User ID: Client Code / Username from the "Welcome e-mail" you received when you activated our service

    Password: Password from the "Welcome e-mail" you received when you activated our service

    -Once you Log In, you can tap on Guide to choose which channel you wish to watch

  • How do I watch TV using my web browser? (Currently supporting Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows only)

    -Please note that our service is non-nomadic, so you have to be connected to your home Zazeen Internet connection.

    -Open Internet Explorer or the latest version of Firefox (install the new version if needed) on your Windows PC and go to app.zazeen.com

    -Click on the download link for the PC Version of the Viewright player to download it, save it to your desktop and install it by double-clicking on the installer icon and following the prompts

    -Reboot your PC and open the web browser

    -If using the Internet explorer, no other configuration will be needed. If using Firefox, go to about:addons, select Plugins and set the Verimatrix ViewRight plugin to "Always Activate"

    -Go to app.zazeen.com again. Your credentials will be:

    Username / AccountID: Client Code / Username from the "Welcome e-mail" you received when you activated our service

    Password: Password from the "Welcome e-mail" you received when you activated our service

    -Click on any channel you wish to watch and it will come up within a second or two. Double-click on the video preview to make the video full screen

  • If I purchase my set top box instead of renting, are there any additional charges?
    By purchasing the set top box, a stream fee of $3.95 plus taxes per month is applied as it is the licensing fee for broadcasting copyrighted content over the Internet. This fee will also apply to an ZazeenTV set top boxes owned from a previous account.
  • Phone

  • What features are included in the VoIP service?

    Our telephone service includes voice mail, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, call return, call hunt, do not disturb, detailed records, 911 service, free long distance Canada Wide (not including the territories), long distance to the United States of America for $0.072/minute.

  • Can I make International calls?

    You will need to purchase a calling card in order to call International areas.

  • How do I access my voice mail and call settings?

    Simply dial *123 or go to http://voip.zazeen.com/user. Enter your phone number and password to access.

  • Can I keep my existing phone number?

    Yes, you can! Simply fill out the porting form on our website. Please make sure you keep the phone service active with your current provider until the porting process is complete. If you cancel before the process is complete, you risk losing your phone number. It takes up to two or three weeks to port your phone number.

    Zazeen TV is not responsible for any charges incurred while waiting for the porting process to complete or if you cancel too early and lose the phone number.

  • Can I use my phones for the service?

    Yes, you can! You will plug the ATA adapter into your modem or router then into your phone jack and the main phone. Then you can use your other phones for the service.

    You can also use a softphone with your computer to able you to use the phone service through your computer.

  • Do I have to sign up for Internet service from Zazeen TV in order to sign up for the VoIP service?

    No. You can sign up for the phone service as long as you have an active Internet service in your home. It does not matter who your Internet service provider is.

  • What is the brand, model and cost of the ATA unit for the VoIP phone service?

    We currently sell the Linksys SPA2102 for $19.95 + tax or you can rent the unit for $1.95 per month.